Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We are slowly recovering...

It is way past my bedtime and I'm leading a Bible study in the morning so I've got to get sleeping.  However, I did want to mention that we are slowly recovering here in the sick house, and to thank you for your prayers (and to ask them to keep coming!).  I hope to post a lovely account of our 7 visits to the doctor in only 2 weeks, (plus the two dentist check-ups), the "how to kill an hour in Wal-Mart with your sick kid" (a real nail biter), and a tribute to slippers.  You may never hear of the joy of crazily disinfecting the whole house in just over a day, but I'm sure many of you can imagine that one (because you've been there).  I just wanted to check in and say that we're alive and we're on the road to recovery (except Kevin, so pray that his doctor visit tomorrow is super-productive and yields quick results!).  Thanks for so many messages of prayers and love.  Oh, and yes, we're unharmed by the tornados.  All good news.


Drew and Suzy said...

Glad to hear the Hass ladies are all doing better...and I hope Kevin is, too. Love you all!


Lisa writes... said...

Hey girl...thanks for your visit and comment over on my site...and I was only teasing that time I "accused" you of calling me old! :-)

Blessings to you! Lisa