Friday, May 1, 2009


I'm joining Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and the carnival of Friday's Fave Five - my top five things for the week.  Since I'm training for a 5K I thought I'd just list the related five things here.  

Disclaimer:  A family member of mine underwent a successful surgery removing a (hopefully benign) tumor from her brain/ear area today.  No matter the joy the following five things bring me, they cannot compare to God's mercy in this matter today!  :)

1. Running without showers of water or pollen falling on me.  Or pushing a jogging stroller with one or two children.  It makes a difference.

2. My iPod.  And old school ESPN Jock Jams.  And Burlap to Cashmere.  And the Imagination Movers. And all kinds of other eclectic music I've gathered over the years.  And Maurice Ravel's Bolero.  More on  that in a minute.

3. Correct stretching techniques.

4. After-running treats, like many glasses of water and this ice cream.

5.  The fact that my neighborhood doesn't find it strange to see a 31-year-old woman running up and down the streets, periodically singing out random lyrics or shouting "Run, Run, Run" with each step for a quarter mile before turning into her house.  At least, it's not strange any more.

A short note on Ravel's Bolero.  If you are not familiar with this classical piece let me sum it up for you: 15-plus-minutes of listening bliss in which a bunch of instruments playing the same thing one by one, then two by two, then three by three, etc., until it steadily grows to a musical frenzy and then suddenly, in about four seconds, cascades into a heap - followed by silence.  Much like my running style.

If you want to join, simply link over at Susanne's site via Mr. Linky.  See you there!