Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sydney got in the car yesterday with some "excellent" news!  She played computers with *Josh* during center time, and here's how she explained it to me:

"I played computers with *Josh* today.  I think we're friends now.  We made things for each other on the computer.  He made me an S and I made him a *J* shirt.

He said, 'I think I actually like you' to me.

I said, 'I do like you' to him.

He said 'I like you too.'

Then we decided we could play outside together later,  but we forgot.  But it means we're friends now."

What do you say after that story?  It was "excellent" news.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Soooooo, how was your summer?

Wow.  Are we almost to October?  What in the world happened?  I mean, I know I keep telling people that this summer "kicked my butt" (and in a "bottom" family, that's saying something!), but really??  So apparently having a toddler, a preschooler, a pastor-husband, lots of out-of-town visitors and sunshine suppresses blogging.  Who knew?

I'll get some pictures up soon, but this fall looks worse than the summer, so I think my lofty blogging goals (thanks to many other inspiring bloggers who clearly have a) more time, b) older children or c) clearer heads than I) have to come back down to where they were to begin with.  Do what I can - let the people hear some stories and see some pictures.

As for the ever-promised entries from the spring?  Well, the short version is that the day you want to take advantage of all Wal-Mart has to offer for diversion you will find what you need on the aisle, and at your first try.  Makes for a L-O-N-G wait for (another) prescription... especially if you are four years old.  

And the slippers?  Well, those who've spent time at my house (with me in it) know that I could never just give a sentence to them.  These pillars of sanity will eventually get their blogging due.  But not this week.  :)

For whatever it's worth,  I'm back.