Friday, January 18, 2008

New House (sort of)

Okay, so the biggest news of 2007 was the massive remodel of our house.  The problem is that I can't seem to find a good before or after picture.  I'll try to take one of the house tomorrow and that should do it for the after, but I'm still searching for the before (I want the full aaahh effect).  To sum it, I'll say this:  Our pediatrician started a home remodel shortly before we did, and his advice was, "Run, stop, do not begin.  Worst experience of my life."  We ignored him, but rest assured, we take his medical opinion more seriously.  However, after our usable house space was cut in half, we now had to eat every snack and meal in the office (an already crammed space) and Savannah, age 7 months was suddenly sleeping in our room, plus Sydney, age 3.5 and as full of "life" as ever, and the incessant pounding all day every day, we realized our pediatrician was definitely on to something.  That's the short version.  Then there's all the hours Kevin gave up of work (because planting a church, well, is that time-consuming?) and the fact that as soon as we moved the furniture back in place the converted garage had a plumbing issue and we had to rip out the floor and start over in September (that only took another month and meant the loss of the dining room again)... but that's for another time.  God is faithful and good, and we love our new space.  Here's a teaser - my favorite demo shot - looking up at what used to be the garage ceiling...

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