Friday, January 18, 2008


Thanks to our friends, Brent and Wendy, and their wedding in Orlando, we were able to fulfill my Father-in-Law's lifelong dream of going to DisneyWorld.  One day was all it took (and all we had).  Here are a few a my favorite shots from the week (non-wedding).

Savannah just before she tried to eat Mickey's nose.

Sydney and me.  I overcame my weird, unexplained, water phobia and played with her all afternoon.  She was fearless and I was cringing,  but we had a great time!

As much as Sydney was energized by the water, Savannah got in and promptly fell asleep.  We were all so jealous...

Oh, and there are so many more - of the fam, meeting Mickey, seeing Ariel, and the famed "before" and "after" shots of Savannah riding on "It's a Small World."  Plus, there's Sydney in the parade becoming a certified CowGirl with Woody's Roundup Gang... and the "after pouring showers" clothing change.  As we were making the last obligatory bathroom stops before leaving the park, this woman says to Sydney (who's waiting ever-so-patiently, and yes, I really mean that) "Would you like to play with a hula hoop?"  I thought to myself, "This really is the Happiest Place on Earth!"

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Jolanthe said...

That picture of Savannah is too cute. :)

Loving reading your blog. I also love how God uses moments with our kids to speak to us about His relationship with us. :)