Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet Words

Today was the first day of Spring Break and guess what?  We survived it.

More than.  After sleeping in too much (not my fault - the allergies took over the body and the girls were watching "the magic box" so...) we waited out some serious rain and then hit Costco.  Because that's how every kid wants to start their "week off" of all things responsible.  :)

We had our "special snacks" and bought our list (plus),  then hit the food line for lunch.  Nothing like some greasy cheese pizza or a massive hot dog to perk up a day.  The little one went down and there I was - looking at Sydney.  She and I both knew - it was time.

There are a number of "room" improvements we've been discussing for a long time now, and today was the day.  So, at 3pm (because why not) we tackled: 

1. screwing the mirror to the closet door 
2. screwing in a hanging rack for robe and pjs/clothes for next day 
3. relocating (via screws) the curtain rod location so her curtains wouldn't be precariously falling out of one side due to overused drywall (because she might want to open them sometime...)
4. moving the bed (again) 
5. cleaning EVERYTHING
6. moving the desk location
7. rearranging all the toys and "zones" in the room (to include a swap - beds and swing for baby dolls to sister in exchange for a newly emptied toy box that doubles as a nightstand)
9. putting up a new poster - "God is Good" it says
8. etc.

Um, because we had time for all that.  And I only needed to be shown how to unscrew one part to change from drill bit to screw - I am power tools!

The other three things we'll try to tackle this week.

But help begets help because we also cleaned the playroom (that was a WAR ZONE) and ate dinner (minimal complaints - even for broccoli) and then I heard sadness that there wasn't time to help me with the trash.  

But the best of all were these words just before we changed the sheets and got Sydney to bed:  "Mom, you were right.  I DO like my room this way.  I REALLY like it.  I'm going to listen to you more because you have good ideas.  I promise."  I  don't know if she'll break that tomorrow in hour three or thirteen, but it was sure good to hear.  :)

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