Saturday, January 31, 2009


...are a wonderful thing when they're artificial and inserted in little ears!  Savannah did very well with the anesthesia and everything, and Sydney took full advantage of her "practice" sleep over at the grandparents!  (Why "practice" you ask?  Because she had no time to play - a potluck dinner after church, then over to their house for unpacking and sleep.  Followed by sleep, sleep, breakfast and school.  So we called it the "practice" sleep over to "practice" the sleeping part.  My Mother-in-Law's brilliance there.)

Thanks for all your prayers - keep them coming!  Savannah's fingers look better everyday, and she'll get the stitches out next week.  Once we could move to bandaids all was much less dramatic here!  Although, I did sit down in a heap a couple days ago and think, "I need one quiet moment where no one Needs Anything from me (because it's been that week) and then I heard Savannah GET OUT OF HER CRIB!  Then I cried, checked her body (she "fell", mm hm...) and let her play Little People.  And Praise God she's waited for me ever since.  But the days of more mobility are clearly on the horizon.

Now I'm going to bed.  And I'm going to alter the time of this post so that no one knows how late I just stayed up.  :)  Hey, we have a babysitter tomorrow morning, so I only have to be half-awake for that meeting, right?  At least no one's nutrition or safety will be on the line.

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